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Starting Franchise India LogoThe Starting Franchise Network is based in India, and began its journey from India. Our Indian franchise directory, therefore, is the oldest and the most comprehensive one. Whether you are looking for food and QSR franchises in India, or want to open a new beauty care clinic or maybe a preschool, we have it all. StartingFranchise.in, our Indian franchise business investment portal, showcases some of our globe's biggest brands like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, CCD, Burger King, Supercuts and so on. At the same time, we have a wide repertoire of purely Indian franchises like Godrej Interio, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Kidzee, Shemrock and so on. Experience it today. Visit our Indian franchise business portal at www.startingfranchise.in.

Starting Franchise Asia LogoOur good experience with our Indian website, as well as requests from our friends and customers, have encouraged us to go ahead and explore pan-Asian opportunities. If you are looking for a franchise business in Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, Hong Kong and many other countries), visit StartingFranchise.asia. Right now, our listing is still less and new, but we are adding lots of new franchise business opportunities in Asia every week, so do not forget to take a look at our Asian franchise business portal from time to time. Want to have a look right now? Check out some of Asia's best franchise businesses at www.startingfranchise.asia.

Starting Franchise USA LogoAdmit it or not, the United States of America has been the center of franchise businesses of our globe. Most big brands are headquartered in the United States, and have the most number of franchise outlets in the United States as well. Whether you are a citizen of USA pursuing the American Dream, or a foreign entrepreneur trying to expand your business on the American shore, our US franchise business web portal is there to help you out. Browse through several industry categories like food and beverage (QSR), health and fitness, education, retail, fashion and beauty, automobile and so on. Pick the right franchise business for you by investment amounts, or area requirements. Want to grow big? Visit our American franchise business portal at www.startingfranchise.info.

Independence Day Discounts: Get 72% off on Banner Advertisements!

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Looking for attractive Independence Day deals on custom advertising? Publish your banner ad with StartingFranchise.in and get 72% discount on the standard rates on this 72nd Independence Day of India. Keep reading to know more!

Can you create a job and make someone free from hunger, on this Independence Day?

On the coming 15th of August, India is going to celebrate her 72nd Independence Day. The Starting Franchise Network also wants to join the celebration. We believe India will be independent in the truest sense when there shall be no hunger, no unemployment left in our country. In the Starting Franchise Network, we urge the start-up and franchise business owners to come forward and create more jobs, so that hunger can be mitigated, and the standing libel called unemployment may be reduced or even brought to an end. We, like the entire country, are counting on entrepreneurs like you!

To help you in your noble endeavour, we want to contribute our two cents. Publish a Banner Advertisement with StartingFranchise.in and get 72% discounts on the standard rates.

What are the rates and how much discount shall you get?

Tenure Normal Rates Discounted Rates
30 Days / 1 Calendar Month (whichever is longer) 7000 1960
90 Days / 3 Calendar Months (whichever is longer) 20000 5600
180 Days / 6 Calendar Months (whichever is longer) 35000 9800
1 Calendar Year 60000 16800

Sounds Interesting?

Terms and Conditions

Please note that this offer is for Banner Advertisements only and do not apply to Featured Article Advertisements. Offer valid when you sign up for 1 month or more. No trial period. For more details about the normal advertising rates for both Banner and Featured Article adverts, please download our tariff brochure. The offer expires on 15th August 23:59 p.m. and no request shall be entertained after that. However if you lock in this rate by signing up within that period, you will get the same rate for the entire tenure and may be considered for a discounted renewal rate. All the terms and conditions of the normal advertising as mentioned in the brochure also apply to this offer. At least 50% of the amount has to be paid in advance before the advertising campaign begins.

SF Independence Day Offer

5 things you can do with Rs. 500 to make a change in your life

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When we were kids, back in the 1990s, 500 Rupees meant a lot. However, with the giant called inflation slowly creeping up every day, the sum has lost much of its sheen. Still, there are some great things you can still do with 500 rupees in India, which can substantially change the way you think, and the way your life can move on. Let us now see what are the things you can do with just 500 rupees in India.

Starting a Business with just 15,000 and turning it into a Crore?

By Spider Computech on
Franchise Business Upward GraphWe often dream of starting our own business, but few actually take up entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur knows how faltering the baby steps are, and how afraid they were deep in their heart when they started their first business. However, the greatest fear the budding entrepreneurs possibly have is that of exhausting the capital in a failing business. All of us have read sweet rags-to-riches stories where businesspersons have put their every belonging to stake in order to establish a great business, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Few will tell you the darker side of the story, and a little maths will reveal number of entrepreneurs who have nearly lost everything in a faltering business and have gone back to their boring nine to five office jobs.

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