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5 things you can do with Rs. 500 to make a change in your life

By Spider Computech on
When we were kids, back in the 1990s, 500 Rupees meant a lot. However, with the giant called inflation slowly creeping up every day, the sum has lost much of its sheen. Still, there are some great things you can still do with 500 rupees in India, which can substantially change the way you think, and the way your life can move on. Let us now see what are the things you can do with just 500 rupees in India.

1. Buy a great book

Books are life changers. Those who do not read, achieve nothing. All great people so far in the history of the world have shared a common trait - they loved to read books. With 500 rupees, you can still pick a lot of good books and some of them can substantially change your life!

2. Invest your pocket money

If you are young and a student, or have just made your first income, this one is for you. Invest your 500 rupees in an equity mutual fund. Let it be the auspicious start for your great financial journey ahead.

3. Donate.

After all, we must donate what we cannot use. Nobody will take his or her money along at the time of death, so donating for a cause you want to support is the best possible way to use your money. If this does not change your life, it may very well change someone else's.

4. Start a blog and buy a domain.

The world wants to listen to you. Write your heart out.

5. Take your business online. Advertising is now cheaper than a shirt.

If you are an offline businessperson, we will help you take your business online. You can advertise your business, no matter what the field is, with this blog (blog.startingfranchise.in), subject to our mutual agreement.

Moreover, if you want to advertise your franchise model business, you can do the same with our Indian Franchise Business Portal for just Rs. 500, which can help driving traffic to your website and generate leads. Let me tell you once again, advertising these days costs less than a shirt!


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