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Starting a Business with just 15,000 and turning it into a Crore?

By Spider Computech on
Franchise Business Upward GraphWe often dream of starting our own business, but few actually take up entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur knows how faltering the baby steps are, and how afraid they were deep in their heart when they started their first business. However, the greatest fear the budding entrepreneurs possibly have is that of exhausting the capital in a failing business. All of us have read sweet rags-to-riches stories where businesspersons have put their every belonging to stake in order to establish a great business, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Few will tell you the darker side of the story, and a little maths will reveal number of entrepreneurs who have nearly lost everything in a faltering business and have gone back to their boring nine to five office jobs.

Well, what happens when you can start a business without having to invest all or a large chunk of your net worth? What happens when you can start a business with just Rs. 15000? Yes, you have read it right, and this is no scam.

The internet is full of business ideas with low investments. Why another?

If you make a Google search about what businesses you can start with Rs. 10000 or Rs. 15000, some of the websites that come up in the search result will tell you to take the slowlane. That is, they will ask you to put the money in stocks or mutual funds (by which you actually acquire a tiny little piece of a business). While that is definitely a proven path to make wealth, that takes a long time in most cases. There is a famous story about investing: a wall-street Veteran was asked by a newby about the ways to make money. The old man said that it was the easiest question he had ever heard: by buying low and selling high. "Well, how do you do that?", asked the young man. "That is the difficult part of it", the veteran said. "That took me a lifetime to learn"!

While we never demerit the powers of compounding the investing, starting a business yourself is probably the fastest way to accumulate wealth. Even if it is a franchise business.

But starting a franchise business requires a lot of money!

Not always. There are several low-cost franchise businesses in India where you do not need to invest a whole lot of money, ranging from a few thousand rupees to a few lakhs.

In fact, the starting investment for The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser Franchise is only Rs. 15,000 as franchise fee. Along with that, you need to have a modern smartphone and a laptop. And guess what, you can make a crore within a few years. Incredible, but true.

Key stats about Rhythms of Life franchise

  • Minimum graduation required.
  • Invest just fifteen thousand rupees and earn 35 to 70 thousand rupees in your first year. In fact, you can make a portfolio that can generate more than 30 lakhs in 2 to 3 years. Eventually, you can make crores within a few years, starting your business with just 15000.
  • You shall be working as a health adviser, dealing in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicines.

And how do I start that business?

You can go through this article on The Rhythms of Life Franchise for more details about investment requirements, eligibility criteria, franchise contact details and so on.


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